223 pictures8 videos
Pregnant Lina
  • Preggo Lina
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  • Pregnant Lina
  • Preggo Lina pussy

At only 19-years-old, Lina made the bold decision to document the final weeks of her pregnancy in a series of incredible videos that showcase her big belly, huge tits, and flawless young skin. You won't find a single stretch mark on this adorable teen who loves getting naked to show off the changes her body's gone through. Her pregnant hormones have made her unbelievably horny night and day, and one of her favorite things to do is play with her hyper-sensitive clit! She has the most intense orgasms now that she's nine months pregnant and days away from having her child. You're going to love this knocked-up teenage beauty!

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195 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Sabrina
  • Preggo Kristyna
  • Pregnant Kristyna boobs
  • Pregnant Kristyna
  • Preggo Kristyna pussy

Kristyna, the adorable young brunette, is 40 weeks pregnant and her incredible videos were shot the day before she gave birth! This adventurous beauty jumped at the chance to document the final 24 hours of her pregnancy, even though the videos were difficult to shoot given the constant interruptions caused by painful contractions. One look at Kristyna's massive belly and there will be no doubt that she had her child the very next day! Her videos are also available in stunning 4k resolution.

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202 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Sabrina
  • Preggo Sabrina
  • Pregnant Sabrina boobs
  • Pregnant Sabrina
  • Preggo Sabrina pussy

At 36 weeks along, there's little doubt that Sabrina is one of the prettiest pregnant models to ever hit the net. In fact, this young beauty was already a successful model long before getting knocked-up, with her work being featured on popular sites such as MET-ART and more. Now she's documenting her very first pregnancy in a series of amazing videos that are exclusive only to MyPreggo! Her belly is huge, her skin is flawless, and she boasts the most spectacular pregnant breasts you'll ever see. Even at nine months, you won't find a single stretch mark on this gorgeous girl! Download her incredible videos and follow her pregnant journey.

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Pregnant Alyssa
  • Preggo Alyssa
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  • Pregnant Alyssa
  • Preggo Alyssa pussy

At only 18-years-old, Alyssa's boyfriend headed for the hills when he found out she was pregnant. Instead of mentally breaking down like most girls would in that situation, young Alyssa decided to make the best of the situation by documenting her pregnancy in a series of unbelievable videos! This tough teenager is not only beautiful, but proves she's also not shy by revealing it all at seven months pregnant. She's strong, she's independent, and at 30 weeks along she's loving the changes her body's already gone through. She can't wait to be a mother, and says she's glad her boyfriend hit the road. He showed his true colors and she claims she's better off without the jerk. We happen to think she's right!
Alyssa content is avaiblle in 4k format

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89 pictures6 videos
Pregnant Leticia
  • Preggo Leticia
  • Pregnant Leticia boobs
  • Pregnant Leticia
  • Preggo Leticia pussy

This olive-skinned beauty is eight months pregnant and loves showing off her new curves. Her belly is massive, her breasts engorged, and her nipples are pure perfection! This young brunette is thrilled to document the final journey of her pregnancy in a series of amazing videos you're sure to love. Watch her flaunt every inch of her pregnant body!

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522 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Marta
  • Preggo Marta
  • Pregnant Marta boobs
  • Pregnant Marta
  • Preggo Marta pussy

40 weeks along and actually past her due date, Marta could pop at any minute. In the meantime, she loves showing off her pregnant body and we're just fine with that! This redhead is horny night and day thanks to the hormones surging through her, and spends a good portion of her day masturbating... loudly. Her powerful orgasms often unleash a series of contractions, and she's always working hard to keep them in check. Her flawless skin and fiery hair make this pregnant beauty a real sight to behold!

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173 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Lucy
  • Preggo Lucy
  • Pregnant Lucy boobs
  • Pregnant Lucy
  • Preggo Lucy pussy

Lucy's a personable 18-year-old from Britain who's completely comfortable with her body, even at 35 weeks pregnant, and enjoys documenting the changes it's gone through using her camera. She's captured moments from her journey in homemade videos that feature the blonde being her charming, funny, and very pregnant self. This energetic teen, with her sexy curves and flawless skin, will steal your heart! At nine months along, she spends the majority of her days lounging around her house naked, and that's perfectly fine with us!

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183 pictures13 videos
Pregnant Morgan
  • Preggo Morgan
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  • Pregnant Morgan
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At only 19-years-old, this gorgeous dark skinned beauty has decided to bare all and show off every inch of her delicious eight-month-pregnant body in a series of blistering hot videos you just can't miss. Feisty young Morgan is full of personality and her flawless mocha skin will definitely leave you drooling. Her man broke things off with her when he found out she was knocked-up but, as you can see, she's clearly doing just fine for herself! Have you ever seen such perfect suckable nipples? Morgan is perfect from head to toe!

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180 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Izolda
  • Preggo Izolda
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  • Preggo Izolda butt

At nine months pregnant this young, leggy brunette's decided to bare it all and show off her huge belly and ripe, perky tits in a series of prenatal videos that are seriously hot! When this beautiful and classy girl got knocked-up, she envisioned a picture-perfect life but things took an unexpected turn when her man left her to fend for herself. Sophisticated and intelligent, Izolda didn't spend her pregnancy moping around and decided she may as well make the best of the situation by documenting the final stages of her pregnancy in these amazing videos!

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Pregnant Rita Rush
  • Preggo Rita
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  • Pregnant Rita pussy

Rita's one kinky housewife whose pregnant hormones make her horny night and day! She loves fucking random guys while the camera rolls and gets-off knowing you're watching every naked inch of her nine-months-pregnant body. Bound to pop any second, Rita's contractions began immediately after shooting her photos and spilled over into her amazing videos. Watch as this gorgeous young starlet attempts to get her contractions under control in unique videos are that you must see to believe!

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597 pictures14 videos
Pregnant Latoya
  • Preggo Latoya
  • Pregnant Latoya boobs
  • Preggo Latoya butt
  • Pregnant Latoya belly

As a professional gymnist, Latoya's career was put on hold because of her unexpected pregnancy. Thanks to her incredible beauty, she quickly found another way to make ends meet: by showing off her gorgeous, pregnant body! This stunning, exotic young starlet definitely isn't shy and has no problem letting you see every inch of her perfect body. As an athlete, Latoya's belly isn't as large as most pregant women's are at eight-months along. Despite being knocked-up, Latoya still keeps herself in peak physical condition by exercising daily. This unique Middle Eastern bombshell will definitely leave you wanting more!

We recently had the honor of working with Latoya once more and are pleased to announce that we were able to film 7 new videos that were shot a mere one hour before she went to the hospital to deliver her baby! Those exciting new videos will be coming soon. Don't miss out!

Update 2:
Two great new lactation videos added! Don't miss out!

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593 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Vicky
  • Preggo Vicky
  • Pregnant Vicky boobs
  • Preggo Vicky butt
  • Pregnant Vicky belly

Without any shadow of a doubt, Victoria is easily the hottest pregnant teen online! At only 18-years-old and still so young and so innocent, Vicky had dreams of making it big as an adult film star but, as luck would have it, the universe had other plans for her. During one of her first porn shoots this beautiful teenage vixen got knocked-up on set. Like the trooper that she is, she didn't let her pregnancy get in the way of her goal to become an adult superstar.

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62 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Emma
  • Preggo Emma
  • Pregnant Emma boobs
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  • Pregnant Emma pussy

Meet Emma, an adorable pregnant teen who shot all of this content by herself and let us use the hot amateur photos and videos for Watch her belly grow and tits swell as she documents her pregnant journey in unbelievable homemade action you're going to love. Emma's a kinky girl who's obviously not shy and has no problem showing off her small, perky tits and teenage pussy.

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10 pictures2 videos
Pregnant Iviola
  • Preggo Iviola
  • Pregnant Iviola boobs
  • Preggo Iviola butt
  • Pregnant Iviola belly

At 34-weeks pregnant, Iviola shockingly agreed to step in front of the camera for the first time ever and bare it all. This first-timer proved to be a natural and wasted little time warming up to the camera. There's seemingly no shy bone in her body as she strips naked to show off her massive belly and huge tits. This young brunette is a natural beauty with flawless skin who loves knowing you're watching her and gets so turned on that she can't help but play with her sensitive, pregnant body.

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589 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Jenny
  • Preggo Jenny
  • Pregnant Jenny boobs
  • Preggo Jenny butt
  • Pregnant Jenny belly

Jenny is a blonde cutie who's ready to pop, and that's exactly what happened within hours of shooting these amazing videos! Moments after the cameras stopped rolling a very pregnant Jenny went into labor and gave birth shortly thereafter. These videos capture the final moments her pregnancy and show off her nine-month pregnant belly, swollen tits, and hard nipples. These videos also mark Jenny's first time shooting and we're sure it's an experience she'll never forget! Congratulations go out to Jenny and her beautiful new baby girl.

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389 pictures4 videos
Pregnant Julia
  • Preggo Julia belly
  • Pregnant Julia boobs
  • Preggo Julia
  • Pregnant Julia butt

Julia's an adorable amateur Russian model and her amazing pregnant photo sets were taken mere days before having her first child. She originally planned on taking more photos along with homemade videos but gave birth to a healthy baby boy before getting the chance. Julia's a fun, spunky girl who loves taking hot photo sets outdoors.

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520 pictures7 videos
Pregnant Anny
  • Preggo Anny
  • Pregnant Anny boobs
  • Pregnant Anny belly
  • Pregnant Anny pussy

Anny is a 22-year-old beauty who isn't afraid to show off her pregnant curves. With hormones running wild, Anny just can't contain her rampant sexuality and gets off on being filmed as she strips for the camera and plays with her sensitive, pregnant body. All of Anny's red-hot videos, shot in high-definition, were filmed from the first month of her pregnancy all the way up to a mere two days before finally giving birth. This is as real as it gets! Join us inside as we follow Anny's pregnancy from beginning to end and experience the erotic side of her swollen, hormonal body. Her videos are exclusive to only and can't be found anywhere else online. Come on in and download Anny's videos today!

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579 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Anya
  • Preggo Anya
  • Pregnant Anya boobs
  • Pregnant Anya belly
  • Pregnant Anya pussy

At only 19-years-old, Anya is already knocked-up and experiencing the usual changes that accompany pregnancy. Anya had dreams of making it big in the world of porn after she hit 18 but discovered she was pregnant after shooting only a handful of scenes. Not one to give up on her dreams, Anya pushed onward and opted to keep pursuing her goal of being a porn star regardless of being pregnant. The result is amazing high-definition videos and high-resolution photos of Anya's epic journey through pregnancy. This adorable pregnant teen has a cute, round belly and big, swollen tits that have already begun lactating. Anya's one sexy pregnant teen you definitely need to follow so join us inside today!

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547 pictures5 videos
Pregnant MaryJane
  • Preggo MaryJane
  • Pregnant MaryJane boobs
  • Pregnant MaryJane belly
  • Pregnant MaryJane pussy

MaryJane always wanted to be in porn and she certainly didn't waste any time making that dream a reality! The moment she turned 18 she shot her first video and, as luck would have it, she wound up getting pregnant during one of her first sex scenes. She didn't let being knocked-up stop her from getting wild in front of the camera. Instead, she decided to document her entire pregnancy by taking loads of sexy photos and videos. MaryJane has always been a horny girl but her pregnant hormones have amplified her sex drive and turned her into an all-out nymphomaniac! This barely-18 beauty loves fucking and sucking and gets wildly turned-on knowing you're watching. You'll love her huge, pregnant belly and swollen, lactating tits. Join MaryJane inside and follow the entire nine months of her pregnant teen journey. All videos are filmed in amazing high-definition video!

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299 pictures6 videos
Pregnant Olivia
  • Preggo Olivia
  • Pregnant Olivia boobs
  • Preggo Olivia butt
  • Pregnant Olivia belly

Olivia's made her mark online as a popular fetish performer and news of her pregnancy hasn't slowed her down one bit! Now at 38-weeks pregnant, Olivia's continuing to turn heads with her blisteringly hot masturbation videos, jerk-off instructional videos, step-son fantasy videos, and more! Olivia's as creative as she is beautiful and she's one blonde bombshell who's definitely not shy. Her pregnancy videos are simply fantastic and must be seen to be believed. If you love kinky pregnant girls you needn't look any further. This inked-up hottie is exactly what you've been looking for!

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436 pictures5 videos
Pregnant Tegan
  • Preggo Tegan
  • Pregnant Tegan boobs
  • Pregnant Tegan belly
  • Pregnant Tegan pussy

Tegan had just turned 21-years-old when her scumbag boyfriend left her after knocking her up. Being alone, broke, and pregnant, Tegan didn't have many options. Knowing this, she decided to throw caution to the wind and document her pregnancy in hopes of making extra money for her and her baby. She wasted little time shooting full high-definition videos and high-resolution photos that feature her doing all sorts of wild stuff! From sex toys to her first girl-on-girl experience, Tegan's site is an erotic adventure showcasing the changes her pregnant body is going through. As with most pregnancies, the hormonal changes have made Tegan ultra-sensitive to touch and incredibly horny night and day. Experimenting with her sexuality as the camera rolls is a huge turn-on for her and her orgasms are 100% real! If you love round, pregnant bellies and big, lactating tits, then this blonde vixen is just the girl for you. Join Tegan inside today!

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80 pictures4 videos
Pregnant Katiya
  • Preggo Katiya
  • Pregnant Katiya boobs
  • Preggo Katiya butt
  • Pregnant Katiya belly

Katiya is a daring Russian who isn't afraid to get wild for the camera. At seven months pregnant, her hormones have turned her into a sex maniac and she absolutely loves fucking and sucking cock in awesome amateur home videos. Watch as she shows off her big, pregnant belly and full tits in hardcore videos that you're going to love! Katiya isn't afraid of cum which explains how she got pregnant in the first place.

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392 pictures6 videos
Pregnant Kristine
  • Preggo Kristine belly
  • Pregnant Kristine boobs
  • Pregnant Kristine masturbate
  • Pregnant Kristine taking a shower

Kristine is your all-American brunette girl-next-door with piercingly beautiful eyes and one heck of a wild side! At eight months pregnant and carrying twins, Kristine isn't afraid to show off her big, swollen body for the camera in amazing videos that feature her talking dirty, pleasuring herself with both her hands and her toys, riding cock, and so much more! They say pregnant girls do it best, and Kristine is here to prove that's absolutely true. This stunning American minx has a belly so big it looks like it's going to explode and huge, full tits that will make your mouth water. Must-see!

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